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Detox Foot Bath
Detox Foot Bath

This is a detox system used to alkalize the body and help facilitate the removal of internal waste products gently. 
We use the Platinum Energy Detox Foot Bath system which we believe is the safest most accurate detox foot bath on the market.  It is powered by two computer chips in the array which means that the first session is as effective as the last (not all foot detox systems are designed this way which means you could receive a less effective treatment).  This is a half hour foot bath followed by a fifteen minute electronic reflexology stimulation with our Electro-Reflex Energizer.  Using Electro Reflex Energizer is a full body experience.  Not just another foot massager, the ERE utilizes low frequency stimulation to provide the ultimate feeling of relaxation.  This type of foot massage promotes your blood circulation while loosening tense muscle tissues.  Unwind with the ERE and feel the low frequency acupressure "fingers" gently massaging the bottoms of your feet.  The heated foot pad keeps your feet toasty.  The computerized programs vary the speed and intensity of the oscillation massage automatically.  A control dial is available to let you set just the right amount of massage intensity.  

The detox foot bath has been proven to be effective in removing acidic
by-products and heavy metals from the body.

The detox bath and ERE sessions are contra-indicated for some people including:

*Diabetics with open sores on their feet
*Pregnant or nursing women
*Those with a pacemaker or other implanted electrical devices

Please call to ensure that this type of treatment is right for you.

Single Session   $50
Series of six      $250
Series sessions should ultimately be done a week apart for optimum results.  Lifestyle changes, if needed, will make these sessions work even better.

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